We all know convenience is key to optimal customer service and experience. Consumers have become accustomed to instant engagement and satisfaction, whether it’s 24/7 answer services, instant web messaging, or texting. We love to brag about being an "all-in-one" franchise operating system. While most often we think about the internal perks of our system, a truly great operating system should also enhance the client experience. As the platform for operating and managing service brands, we aim to create a seamless workflow while enhancing the customer experience. You might be wondering how we achieve this. Don't worry, we know it sounds too good to be true! Here's how ServiceMinder's features enhance the client experience and boost retention and referrals.


The bragging continues – our award-winning solution provides several different capabilities to improve communication between the client, the office, and the field team members.

The most-used form of communication for service-based franchises is text communications. There are two different forms of texting within ServiceMinder; en-route messaging and full two-way texting.

En-route messaging is a handy dandy feature included in all ServiceMinder packages. This feature lets you notify a client when a service provider is coming via phone call, text, and email. This enhances the client experience, but without two-way texting, the service agent/technician can’t receive any replies from the client.

Two-way texting has become crucial for service-based franchises due to their nomadic and “on-the-go” workflow.

People want answers and they want answers quickly, communicating in real-time is almost expected. To save time during the appointment, you can send and receive pictures from clients with two-way texting. This allows agents to prepare and align with the client’s vision or problem.

Of course, the right communication tool depends on your workflow, but we always recommend offering an easy way for clients to get a hold of your agents.

Streamlined Workflow

Depending on workflow and franchisee needs, as a franchisor, it's time to take the stress off yourself and empower your franchisees with a reliable platform.

Maintaining consistency in the lead journey can pose challenges for any business, but the complexity increases significantly in the context of franchising, where manual lead tracking at a large scale is nearly impossible. As a franchise-focused platform, ServiceMinder provides the perfect tools for nurturing leads without lifting a finger.

With ServiceMinder, you can automate scheduling, recurring billing, internal taskboards, and more. These capabilities speed up the sales process and support project management by eliminating manual tasks.

By avoiding manual tasks, not only are you saving time but that also leaves less room for common human errors. Even better, you can now automate the things franchisees don’t do consistently – like following up with prospects or open proposals or even something as simple as getting paid.

Giving business owners or agents the power to share a beautifully branded proposal on the spot is huge! This can speed up the sales process and allow for upsell opportunities with our flexible customizable proposals and options.

Utilizing Feedback and Tracking Agent Performance

Next up, we have the ultimate success meter: Feedback+Issues. This automated feature allows you to keep an eye on client feedback, effortlessly. Track and utilize client feedback to enhance client experience and monitor agents’ performance.

Feedback allows you to prompt clients for feedback on their experience with appointments. This 1-5 ranking ties to the agent or team in ServiceMinder, and allows you real-time visibility into customer satisfaction. This will improve overall CX by motivating your team, improving training, and identifying and solving problems promptly.

Another KPI ServiceMinder offers that can help track agents’ performance is called “reworks”. This stat indicates how often a specific agent had to have someone go back to the client to resolve an issue. Poor craftsmanship results in a higher rework percentage. If this becomes a recurring issue, it can cost the business time and money.

Again, ServiceMinder keeps you in the know. Being in the know as a business owner or a Zor can help you make data-driven decisions and fill small gaps before they turn into craters.

Ready to Improve Your CX?

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