When it comes to franchising, we’ve all heard that consistency is key but whether you're a seasoned zor or just starting your franchise journey, you know it’s easier said than done. That's why our CEO, John Keene, and the CEO of FranchiseFilming, Trevor Rappleye, dove into this sometimes tough but essential topic, drawing on their expertise as franchise pros.

As the big cheese at ServiceMinder, a franchise operating system, John’s got operations down pat. And Trevor? Well, he’s got enough insights on consistent brand messaging to fill a library. Together, they're like the dream team for nailing down processes and ensuring your brand stays rock-solid and consistent throughout your franchise operation.

Who is ServiceMinder

Before we hop into our favorite parts of the webinar, let's share a bit about ourselves.

ServiceMinder is the platform for managing and operating home services brands.

Acquire leads seamlessly with 24/7 scheduling, branded proposals, and targeted email campaigns. Track leads with extensive reporting options and convert prospects by enhancing client experience through innovation. Grow your franchise by making decisions based on data, at the brand or location level.

Automate and simplify your brand’s entire workflow on one award-winning, franchised-focused platform.

Who is FranchiseFilming

Now, a quick intro to our partners in crime…

FranchiseFilming helps franchises win more clients, franchisees, and employees with amazing, inspiring, and emotional monthly marketing videos.

Most businesses struggle to stand out from their competition, connect with their prospects, and sell their products or services. FranchiseFilming’s membership model helps you streamline the high-quality production of films that inspire people to take action and drive sales.

Webinar Highlights

Now that our pleasantries are out of the way, who’s ready to hear a short and sweet recap of our exclusive webinar? Calling all franchisors, here are a few practices to follow when it comes to brand consistency.


  • Provide detailed expectations and brand standards for all external and internal content
  • Create a brand-wide workflow that can operate at scale
  • Never give up on consistency, whether you are an emerging or established brand
  • Fail fast, don’t be afraid to try new solutions for your brand, but learn from mistakes


  • Allow franchisees to create content with zero guidelines and expectations
  • Allow franchisees to create their workflow for their location/unit only
  • Use different resources at each location/unit

Ready to Put the Pro in Process?

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