We all know convenience is key to optimal customer service and experience. Consumers have become accustomed to instant engagement and satisfaction, whether it’s 24/7 answer services, instant web messaging, and of course, texting.

Two-way texting has become crucial for service-based franchises due to their nomadic and “on-the-go” workflow.

As the award-winning solution for managing and operating home service brands, ServiceMinder provides several different capabilities to improve communication between a client and a field team member. Still, one of the most effective and crucial features is two-way texting.

Here’s why 50% of our clients use two-way texting and why you should consider it for your brand.

Improves Communication

En-route messaging is a handy dandy feature included in all ServiceMinder packages. This feature lets you notify a client when a service provider is on the way via phone call, text, and email. This of course enhances the client experience, but without two-way texting, the service agent/technician can’t receive any replies from the client.

En-route is great, but what if the client has to cancel at the last minute or has an upgrade request? Wouldn’t it be more productive for the client to tell you beforehand? This makes it easier for upselling, and productivity, which will save your business time and could potentially generate more revenue.

Again, people want answers and they want answers quickly, communicating in real-time is almost expected. To save time during the appointment, you can send and receive pictures from clients with two-way texting. Which allows agents to prepare and also align with the client’s vision or problem.

Once the two-way texting feature is turned on, each location will get a dedicated texting number. This allows full texting history to be stored within each contact, which can be helpful for project-based convos, training purposes, and more.

This dedicated number can be used for more than just en-route conversations. Send confirmations, reminders, proposals, invoices, links to update cards on file, and more. You can also share this number on your vehicles, marketing materials, and your website… basically wherever your heart desires or wherever you think people will want to ask questions/inquire about your services.

Enhances Client Experience

Nothing is worse than waiting around all day for a service agent, with no idea when they're coming, who exactly is coming, and how much time they will spend at your home or commercial building. We’ve all been here, and it’s not fun.

If the agent is running behind, being able to communicate with the client is huge! Start the relationship off on the right foot! Two-way texting allows service providers to be transparent, informative, and helpful before arriving at the location.

Did We Mention it's Automated?

We know what you're thinking, more communication with clients is great but how do technicians find the time to respond promptly to clients in between or during scheduled services? This is where automation comes in.

All of your automated client notifications can be delivered via text. You can also create automated responses by setting up triggers based on keywords. For example, if a client sends the word “next”, you can set up an automatic reply to let the client know when their next appointment is.

Along with automated responses, you can also customize automation based on actions to keep data organized within your ServiceMinder account. This can help business owners categorize clients which can help for targeting purposes for future campaigns and sales pipeline.

For example, when a prospect reaches out via text interested in fall leaf clean-up, you can set up a trigger to tag them with that specific service and even send them some info to learn more.

Ready to Elevate Your Brand’s Customer Experience?

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