Developer Resources

Integration Options

We offer two methods for integrating with serviceminder in real time. The more comprehensive method is via our open API which supports adding and distributing leads based but also allows full scheduling and proposal creation support. If you want to integrate scheduling with your application or website, this may be the best option.

We also offer a FORM-based integration method. Just point your FORM tag to us and we'll distribute/add the lead for you. You can even specify a URL you want to redirect to after it's done.

Our Open API

The serviceminder API uses API key-based authentication and is designed for doing scheduling and contact searching/adding/updating, typically in a call center environment. The API provides more complete access to contact data including custom fields, tags, notes, etc. More information is available at

FORM-based Lead Capture

Our lead capture integration makes it easy to take any form on your website or landing page and send that form data directly in to serviceminder. This mechanism also supports lead distribution, allowing you to send leads to individual locations based on postal code, all from a centralized form on your site. More information is available at

Supported Payment Gateways

We provide the same great client payment experience regardless of what payment gateway you use. We manage the process end-to-end, with no awkward links out to third-party sites to capture payment. Review our full list of supported payment gateways at